Certification Changes for Inspectors and Lead Risk Assessors in Connecticut

Due to coronavirus, the Connecticut Department of Public Health’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is changing the way it trains and certifies local health officials who serve as Lead Inspectors and Lead Risk Assessors. With state-mandated social distancing in place, the refresher training format had to be changed. This year’s refresher training will be done online, allowing local health staff to take the course in one sitting or over the course of several days. Previous refresher training for local health staff consisted of 6-7 training sessions spread out across the state. Each session had 20-50 local health staff in attendance and lasted 7 hours with a hands-on activity and an exam following the session. These refresher sessions were conducted in April and May over the course of a six-week period. In Connecticut, Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor certifications are only valid for one year. To address the impending lapse of certification for local health officials, CT DPH extended the previous year’s certification for six months in order to prepare and make the online training operational. Once local health staff have completed the online training and passed the examination, their certification will be further extended to end on the two-year anniversary of their 2019 training completion date. Connecticut’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is looking forward to seeing how the training works out with its hands-on activity and online exam.