New Hampshire Legislative Updates

In February 2018, New Hampshire RSA 130-A was updated to incorporate modifications brought about by Senate Bill (SB) 247. Changes include:

  • Lowering the blood lead level to 3 micrograms per deciliter (μg/dL) at which the HHLPPP notifies both parent and property owner of children under the age of six of the child’s blood lead elevation
  • Implementing universal screening of all one- and two-year-olds
  • Gradually lowering the action limit from 10μg/dL to 5μg/dL over the next five years
  • Creating a low-interest loan program to assist landlords, owner-occupied, and child care facilities to remove lead hazards
  • Reducing the authority of when the NH Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (HHLPPP) can enter the subsidiary units of a multi-unit building
  • Mandating that all health insurance cover the cost of a simple blood lead test
  • Requiring the testing of potable water in schools and daycares
  • Modifying New Hampshire’s real estate disclosure laws to strengthen the definition of lead
  • Requiring rental units that test positive for lead in their drinking water to have a water filtration unit installed

The HHLPPP is currently in the process of updating our He-P 1600 rules to reflect changes in the statute. We anticipate these rule changes will be complete in the summer of 2018.