Vermont Program Update

Vermont adopted the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) authority from the U.S. EPA in October, 2022. The Vermont Department of Health’s Asbestos and Lead Regulatory Program (ALRP) oversees the new Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair, Painting and Maintenance (RRPM) Program.

Those who perform RRP activities in Vermont need to apply for the Vermont Lead-Safe RRPM Supervisor and Firm licenses through the Vermont Department of Health. These licenses are applied for online using the ALRP Licensing and Permitting Portal. This portal can also be used to find Vermont Lead-Safe RRPM firms for hire or to check on the RRPM credentials of a contractor.

In addition to issuing RRPM licenses, the program educates contractors and the public on the Lead-Safe RRPM requirements and performs enforcement actions when the regulations have not been followed.

Learn more about Vermont RRPM: