Maine Lead and Asbestos Hazard Prevention Program Update

The State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MEDEP), Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management (BRWM), Lead and Asbestos Hazard Prevention Program (LAHPP) conduct training, contractor monitoring, and enforce the requirements for lead-based paint abatement activities. This program includes licensure, training accreditation, permitting, compliance inspections, and enforcement in pre-1978 target housing and child-occupied facilities. The […]

Massachusetts’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Launches New Public Database

The Massachusetts’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program announces the launch of a new public database, Lead Safe Homes 2.0. It’s predecessor, Lead Safe Homes 1.0 , provides summary information on lead in residential housing by address: inspection history, lead hazard and deleading status. As an upgrade, Lead Safe Homes 2.0. holds copies of lead documents, including inspection […]

Vermont’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Vermont’s progress increasing the percentage of children tested each year has been mixed. After holding steady at approximately 80% since 2006, the percentage of 1-year-olds tested each year declined steadily from 82% in 2014 to 69% in 2021 with the most significant decreases in 2020 and 2021. The percentage of 2-year-olds tested significantly increased from […]